The world’s surface transport network has developed over thousands of years; emerging from the need of allowing more comfortable trips to roman soldiers to the modern infrastructure enabling modern vehicles to travel at high speed. However, in the last two decades, the world is changing very fast in terms of population growth, mobility and business trades creating greater traffic volumes and demand for minimal disruption to users, but also challenges such as climate change and more extreme weather events. At the same time, developments in digitalisation, vehicle design, mobile and wireless communications and sensor technologies continue apace. It is within this environment and in close consultation with key stakeholders, that this consortium consider of paramount importance the shift to SMARTI



Designed by using improved decision frameworks aimed at improving durability, maximise recycling and minimising environmental, economic and social impacts


Conceived not for transport purposes only and towards optimisation of land use by adding energy harvesting capabilities


Equipped with low-cost, wireless sensors to allow pro-active communication towards a more intuitive use and a simplified management


Conceived to self-repair and be adaptable to changes due to natural and anthropogenic hazards



SMARTI European Training Network aims at conceiving and exploiting this vision by forming 15 early stage researchers within a stimulating platform where key stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector will work alongside worldwide experts in smartening of systems (developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, automated structures, etc.,) with direct support from the roads, railways and airports managers.

The SMARTI ETN consortium will offer training-through-research path that NO standard PhD programme can provide:

  • a research framework tailored around the SMARTI vision
  • a strategically shaped training platform involving worldwide re-known scientist and crafted to provide fellows with state-of-the-art professional development
  • a communication strategy that will provide them with maximum exposure and will train them to successfully  disseminate their work worldwide and to different audiences



Beneficiaries and Partners belong to both academia and industry and complement each other, bringing together outstanding expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to provide the fellows with high-quality training and cutting-edge research in the field of smartening of transport infrastructures.



SMARTI ETN is divided into five Work Packages (WP). Each WP has an appointed academic leader and a deputy industry leader who will take responsibility for the local supervision, execution and reporting. An industrial deputy leader will share these tasks and provide inputs from the non-academic field.



SMARTI ETN will bring together more than 30 partners, 19 of which from industry (11 SMEs) from 9 European countries, USA, Asia and Australia will have the un-missable opportunity of learning-by-doing, discussing opportunities and barriers on this strategically important topic, while training 15 talented graduates versed towards the smartening of transport infrastructures in Europe and beyond.


SMARTI ETN aims at shaping the development and accelerated career progression in industry and academy of a new generation of multidisciplinary talented graduates, fully able to work within the field of smartening of Transport Infrastructures. For this reason SMARTI ETN will provide the fellows with individual and network-wide training programmes second to none and covering both scientific aspects and complementary skills.


SMARTI ETN will also have a dedicated strategy for Scientific Dissemination and Public engagement (Outreach) that will be defined together with experts in the field to evaluate the plans and variety of channels and means appropriate to allow the fellows to be prepared and successful in reaching both scientific and larger public audiences.

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