A consortium of 30 partners, 19 of which from industry (10 SMEs) from 8 European countries, USA, Asia and Australia will have the un-missable opportunity of a 48 month time frame for learning-by-doing, discussing opportunities and barriers on this strategically important topic, while training 15 talented graduates versed towards the smartening oftransport infrastructures in Europe and beyond.  It is within this stimulating environment that the SMARTI fellows will develop their training-through-research path, leading to a Doctoratus Europeus, and will receive advanced scientific training structured into network-wide “thematic” taught modules combined with original research supported by secondments that will expose them to both academia and industry. Specific modules to support job creation and enabling the fellows with business, entrepreneurship, communication, project management and other transferrable skills will enrich the training programme. Furthermore, SMARTI ETN will also have a dedicated strategy for Dissemination and Outreach that will be defined together with experts in the field to evaluate the plans and variety of channels and means appropriate to allow the fellows to be prepared and successful in reaching both scientific and larger public audiences.

SMARTI ETN will guide 15 early stage researchers within a stimulating platform where key stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector will work alongside worldwide experts in smartening of systems (developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, automated structures, etc.,) with direct support from the roads, railways and airports managers.

This effort will be developed in 2 Research Work Packages where fellows will investigate PROTOTYPES and GUIDELINES in close consultation with the key stakeholders and worldwide experts. The research will finally produce recommendations to exploit the following SMARTI vision in Europe and beyond.