ESR 11

“Dynamic Structural Evaluation of Runways”


Pawan holds bachelors in Mechanical engineering(2013) and Masters in Computational Mechanics(2017). He has worked for two years in Commercial vehicles and Bus Manufacturing company ‘ASHOK LEYLAND’, which is a leading company in India after he finished his graduation. His career interests involve solving a physical problem coming from a challenging engineering application. Solving the problem in a comprehensive way along with being to understand the data coming out of measurements are his interests.


“DYSER” “Dynamic Structural Evaluation of Runways”

The project proposed here will focus on (1) gaining a better understanding of load-transfer efficiency between concrete slabs in runway pavements. Particularly, the project focuses on (2) how to measure and characterise the load-transfer efficiency using equipment such as the HWD (Heavy-Weight Deflectometer) and the RWD (Rolling-Wheel Deflectometer) developed by Dynatest. Moreover, the project aims (3) to use the gained knowledge to develop models for predicting the remaining lifetime of runways pavements. UNOTT is responsible for the theoretical part of the project.

Dynatest will provide expertise with introduction and access to measuring equipment and existing interpretation methods. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • UNOTT: asset management, data analysis, airport pavement design

Mr Mathias Andersen (Dynatest) –

Davide Lo Presti (University of Nottingham) –

Prof. Nick Thom (University of Nottingham) –