ESR 13

Development of Advanced Methods of Safety Assessment for Earthworks along Transport Networks


Antonino is a Building Engineer. He studied at University of Palermo, Italy, and obtained his Bachelor Degree in 2013 and his Master Degree (Hons) in 2016. The Master thesis (Title: “Criteria for seismic vulnerability evaluation at urban scale”) was partially developed at University of Granada, Spain, as part of the Erasmus project.

Antonino’s career started in Spain where he was employed as Building Engineer for “ACE Ingenieros” (Granada, 2016), dealing with civil buildings design and renovation, legalization of buildings, energy performance certificates, architectural plants, real estate estimates.

In 2017, Antonino worked as public school teacher in Bergamo, Italy.


“Safe-Earth” Development of Advanced Methods of Safety Assessment for Earthworks along Transport Networks

The goal of this project is to develop advanced methods of safety assessment for earthworks located along road and rail transportation networks. The focus will be on the stability of cuttings and embankments considering environmental loading and its variation due to climate change. Field data, including geological site investigation data and remotely monitored data will be used in conjunction with probabilistic numerical modelling to determine the reliability of cuttings and embankments. Novel machine learning applications will be developed, in which monitored data (e.g. rainfall data, slope monitoring data) will be used to train the model to evolve over time to provide an updated safety assessment for individual assets in real time. Therefore, the model will function as an advanced warning system, providing a much needed solution to transport infrastructure managers who are faced with an increasing number of earthworks failures associated with climate change effects. Overall, the project will contribute towards more reliable assessment and management methods for cuttings and embankments, increasing the resilience of transportation networks.

GDG will provide expertise with earthworks along transport networks. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • RDS: image analysis training and research in collaboration with Department of Computer Science of UCD
  • ELAB: Advanced image analysis
  • HKPU: The field calibration and validation will be done at the Transport Department of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in association with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Dr Paul Doherty (Gavin&Doherty Geosolutions) –

Dr Julie Clarke (Gavin&Doherty Geosolutions) –

Prof. Shane Donohue (University College Dublin) –