ESR 14

Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements”/span>


My name is Paulina Leiva-Padilla. I am costarrican. One of my favorite activities is to walk around the mountain. Every time I take to walk is a moment to found me with myself (even more if I am surrounded by the nature! I love Costa Rica).

Until few months ago, I was working at the National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LanammeUCR), first as a research assistant and then as a junior researcher. I am currently working at the Laboratory of Construction Engineering of the University of Granada (LabIC.UGR), as the 14th Early Stage Researcher in the SMARTI ETN project called: Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements.

I am sure that SMARTI ETN program will be the bridge, to achieve the personal and professional profile that I am looking for now. The successful showed in previous programs makes me feel so proud of being part of the new generation of ESR of the SMARTI ETN and very committed and grateful with all the work team who are believing in me.


“MAB” Mechanomutable asphalt binders for the construction of smart pavements

This project aims to (1) study asphalt binders with mechanomutable properties to obtain smart materials able to adapt their mechanical performance to the real changing load conditions that occur during their service life (2) at laboratory scale implementation solutions for smart infrastructures will be defined and assess, trying to test the optimal solution at an industrial scale during the last year of research. (3) A3IP will contribute towards automated infrastructures. It’s an innovative solution that offers a wide range of application in this field.

UGR will provide expertise with mechanomutable properties of the smart asphalt, materials. The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

  • A3IP: sensor embedding and electronics
  • UNOTT: lifecycle costing, sustainable engineering

Prof Mayca Rubio (The University of Granada) –

Dr Fernando Moreno (The University of Granada) –