COMPutational design and characterisation of RHEOlogically COMPlex emerging Materials


I have a mechanical engineering background, however in the last years I developed a deep interest in rheology and computational fluid dynamic modelling. My MSc dissertation was made in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, where I was able to optimise the laboratory equipment to make more realistic viscosity measurements through experimental and numerical techniques. Then, through different research projects I kept working on this field that I find really interesting. During my spare time I always enjoyed playing football, going to the gym and spend time with my friends and family. I also love travelling to discover new places, cultures and people. That is one of several reasons why I chose to apply for the position ESR8 within the SMARTI ETN project. Indeed, it will give me the chance to keep working on a topic that I really enjoy but also thanks to the SMARTI network an amazing opportunity for professional and personal growth.


COMPutational design and characterisation of RHEOlogically COMPlex emerging Materials”

The objective of this project will be to develop a computational-based platform that will allow engineers to design and characterise rheology-complex materials with a computer rather than performing costly and highly resources consuming laboratory tests. In other words, experimental researchers will be able to use novel simulation methods and high-performance computing resources just as they would use a physical rheometer. This platform will also be used to eventually optimise currently available experimental tests that have not been designed for emerging material designed to enhance durability and resiliency of transport infrastructures (i.e. polymer modified bitumens, mechano-mutable materials, magnetorheological fluids, etc..).

University of Palermo will provide expertise with computational fluid dynamicsand rheological measurements of bitumen. . The partnership with strategic partners will provide:

Dr Davide Lo Presti (The University of Nottingham) –