Development of a pavement system able to capture solar energy


Domenico Vizzari is a PhD student involved in ESR3 project at IFSTTAR of Nantes (France). He graduated in Civil Engineering at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria (Italy) and he collaborated with the laboratory of road materials. Domenico published some papers regarding the noise absorption and actually he is working on the energy harvesting from pavement. For next years he expects to publish new papers, collaborate with public or private companies and start the researcher career in the field of the road engineering.


“RA2ROAD” Development of a pavement system able to capture solar energy
Linear transportation infrastructures could be in the future an interesting renewable, not-centralized, energy production system, without using more land space. This innovative use of the surface pavement could cover the energetic consumption of the infrastructure itself, but could also provide energy to the road users and neighbours. In order that this idea comes into reality, the challenge is 1) to bring together technologic pieces coming from different science domains in order 2) to provide a reliable, efficient and durable system, able to produce and store energy from the sun (RA) through the road pavement

The project will be developed through planned international collaborations with at least two international partners. IFSTTAR offers the state-of-the-art, laboratories and expertise in innovative materials and energy harvesting concepts, rheology of binders and mix design of asphalts. The secondments will help at The University of Nottingham with the pavement material design and characterization, and at EIFFAGE with the implementation of the solar system in actual infrastructure and economic evaluation of the solution.

Dr Emmanuel Chailleux (IFSTTAR) –